Jônice Tristão Foundation - Social Investments and Socio-Cultural Action

The Tristão Group, aware of issues concerning corporate social responsibility and sustainability, develops several programmes for participation, integration and socio-cultural development. These programmes are based on the fundamental principles underlining the tradition of the Tristão Group over 80 years – work, integrity and quality, as well as a commitment to sustainable development and social investments. This also means contributing to the development of local communities, in order to promote their integration and create conditions for an improvement in their economic situation and sustainability.

The Jônice Tristão Foundation was created in 1983. It is a non-profit institution, directed towards activities of a techno-scientific, educational, cultural and philanthropic nature. The Foundation aims to study and provide solutions for problems relating to the economic, social and cultural development in Espírito Santo. It works with public and private organisations, including welfare and charity institutions. Built and maintained with resources provided by the Foundation, the José Ribeiro Tristão Cultural Centre, located in Afonso Cláudio, Espírito Santo, was donated to the county administration. The Centre facilities include an auditorium, an exhibition room and a large external square and gardens where local events are held. Its façade is a replica of the Misael General Store, the cradle of the Tristão Group, founded in Afonso Cláudio by José Ribeiro Tristão, patriarch of the family, in the 1930s.

Also in Afonso Cláudio, the Foundation installed the local Cultural Centre, where it maintains the only public library available in the town.

Tristão is a founding member of Espírito Santo Community Action (ACES), a non-government organisation, created and maintained since 1994 by the business community of Espírito Santo. ACES is supported through alliances with private and government institutions as well as social communities and institutions, and its main objective lies in ‘promoting philanthropic, educational, and community activities, as well as scientific and cultural, including artistic, research, and training courses, based on a cooperation between business and community leaderships and on self-help polices’.

The Tristão Group is also a founding member and patron of the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development. Membership in both institutions – affiliated to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) – comprises of Brazilian businessmen seeking to accommodate economic, social and environmental demands without jeopardising the future of any of them. Tristão’s line of action is based on the ethical and pragmatic premise that sustainable development is the only way out for reconciling wealth generation and social well being, without hazarding the survival of the plant and the human race.